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About PrelovedTech Circular

PrelovedTech Circular is the corporate division of Preloved Tech, providing a sustainable and eco-friendly mobile device and IT recycling service that helps businesses, charities, public sector organisations and the education sector manage the lifecycle of their company mobile devices and IT assets. 


From acquisition to end of life recycling, we provide secure and eco-friendly solutions for managing your company IT assets. opt to use one of our dedicated services or partner with us for full mobile & IT asset lifecycle management services for full peace of mind.

Our Solutions


Refurbished Devices

In-Service Management

Warranty & Repairs




Return on Investment

Asset Value Release

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Why Choose PrelovedTech Circular?

At PrelovedTech Circular, we are committed to providing sustainable and secure solutions for managing your company's technology. We offer a comprehensive approach to mobile lifecycle management, from consultation to end-of-life retirement. Our team of experts will work with you to create a customized plan that meets your specific needs. We are dedicated to promoting a circular economy and reducing electronic waste, while also ensuring data security and compliance.

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