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Lifecycle Management Services - from acquisition to disposal

Why Preloved Tech Circular

We are a trusted provider of secure and eco-friendly recycling and recommerce solutions. Our specialised services cater to end-of-line company mobile phones, tablets, laptops, Mac, Surface devices and IT hardware. With streamlined processes, businesses can effortlessly dispose of outdated devices while minimising their environmental footprint, and accessing residula values in their outgoing devices to boost ROI.
Additionally, we also offer refurbished device sales through our recommerce platform, providing businesses with cost-effective alternatives and contributing to the circular economy. By choose us as your preferred recommerce partner, you can access comprehensive and sustainable solutions that benefit both your business and the planet.

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Our Services

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Asset Value Recovery

Releasing market leading residual values for your company devices through secure and simple end-of-life recycling and remanufacturing.

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Why Choose Us

Quality Refubished Device Sales

Sustainable Recycing Practices

High Asset

Value returns

Our Happy Customers

“From the start to the finish, the process has been simple and clear. Matt always replied promptly. Thank you very much your professional service..”

Karon - Rullion

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